50 Years of Pharmaceutical Promotions

Henry Webel

A man of true advertising vision, he was born in France and earned his Doctorate at the University of Berlin. Dr. Webel spent most of his life traveling the world to develop a treasure chest of cultural art depicting the history of medicine and pharmacy.  He learned that physicians are not impressed by “gadgets,” but instead appreciate thoughtful items of a sophisticated cultural nature.

Suzanne Webel

Dr. Webel’s daughter Suzanne has expanded and streamlined the operation of the company while maintaining its longstanding commitment to quality, uniqueness, and integrity.  She earned a graduate degree in science in Switzerland, and particularly enjoys lateral thinking, creativity, and researching pharmaceutical themes in history and art.

Colin Bovet

Executive Vice-President
Suzanne’s son Colin is completing his BA at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado.  He is revitalizing the company by making new contacts, analyzing marketing and regulatory trends in healthcare, and bringing new perspectives on traditional marketing and promotional campaigns.

Over the years Medipro has produced over a million premium items for the pharmaceutical industry.  Our clients have received stacks of letters of commendation from recipients in response to our programs.  It is not uncommon to find some of Medipro’s early premium items still displayed proudly in doctors’ offices, in medical libraries, and even in museums.

Medipro operates all over the world and is prepared to meet your needs.  Contact us today!