SCHERING PLOUGH: Pre-Columbian Figurines

PURPOSE: Create series of promotional pieces that would facilitate office visits from client’s sales reps over time.

PREMIUM:  Museum quality replicas of Pre-Columbian figurines representing diseases from antiquity.

DRUGS:  Etrafon (mental health) and Valisone (dermatology)

IMPACT: The Medipro pieces were detailed to doctors over 40 years ago, and some doctors still have them on display today. The promotional dollars spent by the client 40 years ago are still working hard today.  Not many promotions can make that claim!


Medipro discovered that the Pre-Columbian peoples in Central America had made beautiful and detailed sculptures representing patients suffering from various ailments.  It occurred to us that doctors and patients alike would be amazed to learn that the malady they were treating with modern pharmaceuticals had existed for thousands of years.

Schering saw it our way too, and a long-term relationship was born.  Medipro researched and created two entire series of Pre-Columbian figurines:  one set of eight psychiatric pieces for Schering’s mental-health drug Etrafon, and another set of eight dermatological pieces for Valisone.

The client received immediate positive feedback from doctors, who appreciated receiving a high-quality, tasteful promotion with authentic historical value that was uniquely relevant to their particular field or specialty.  Doctors actively welcomed the next visit of the Schering sales rep because they looked forward to receiving the next piece in the campaign and completing their collection.