Medipro means Medical Promotions of the highest caliber.

We are a professional consulting firm whose mission is to create high-quality sales promotion themes that will enhance the corporate image of our clients and increase their sales.

Established in 1963, we offer almost five decades of experience in serving the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Medipro creates and produces individual sales aids and entire programs custom-designed to appeal to specific target markets.  We take a sophisticated approach to product promotion, and specialize in items of cultural value, often related to the history of medicine or to the product’s unique characteristics.

Medipro’s capabilities include:


We take the personal time to understand your needs and design the right product for you.


We bring over fifty years of experience in the United States, Canada, and abroad.


All concepts discussed with Medipro are kept strictly confidential.


Any program we undertake will be kept exclusive for that client.


We have an extensive in-house medical and cultural library, and we know how to obtain additional information.

Medipro’s Services Include:

Idea Generation
Generating unique ideas for promotions; developing themed promotional campaigns.
Measuring Impacts
Market research to refine and measure success of campaign
Timely Manufacturing
Network of manufacturers delivers high-quality products – on time, every time.
All items packed and shipped to sales reps or client warehouse, ready to use

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